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Advanced Turbine Solutions specializes in world-class refurbishment, maintenance, parts supply and manufacturing of industrial gas turbine parts since 2010. With more than 100 years of combined industry experience, the ATS team is anchored by engineers, turbine experts and highly skilled equipment specialists with experience in inspection, repair, overhaul and commissioning delivering expertise, innovation and dedication to each project.

01. Supply

ATS carries a large inventory of new, refurbished and service run industrial gas turbine parts such as Fuel Nozzles, Shrouds
Blocks, Buckets, 1st to 3rd Stage Nozzles, Turbine Blades, Transition Pieces, Combustion Baskets, End Caps, Flow Sleeves, End
Caps, etc. as well as access to complete gas turbine units.

02. Quality

ATS has no warranty or defective issues since we started serving the industry in 2010. Our goal is to supply our customers with
high quality parts that will deliver efficiency, performance and reliability. Our outsourcing is limited to evaluated vendors ISO
9000 2015 certified.”

03. Expertise

Our Engineers and Technicians have mastered their skills and expertise through years of hands on experience in power plants.
Our innovative team of seasoned professionals are focused on providing superior quality and precision craftsmanship in all services we provide.

04. Guaranteed Delivery

The ATS team understands the consequences of an outage and the importance of required delivery dates of our customers. We
always meet our committed lead time for our customer without sacrificing the quality of our finished product.

05. Safety

Safety is top priority for our customers and employees at all times. We have one of the highest OSHA and EMR ratings in safety maintained consistently for many years.


The Advanced Turbine Solutions facility is fully equipped with the latest technology to repair any of your turbine needs. Mechanical bay for disassembly and reassembly, blast cleaning, tools storage and hardware racks specifically designed for your turbine components. Indoor red dye and (black light) fluorescent area for undergoing extensive NDE and penetrant inspection.

The Advanced Turbine Solutions facility is equipped with the right cranes, measurement and repair machines, and purpose built precision tables along with the meat ball fixtures, working tables and welding stations for GE and Siemens Westinghouse vanes and nozzle segments. We have dedicated slide through fixtures for all frame sizes, rows and stages to simulate the parts behavior in the actual machines. This ensures the component will perform exactly as it should when your machine is running.

The combustion and bucket building houses the transition pieces, single fixtures and combustion baskets and liners. Inspection and repair capability that is state of the art and expanding to reduce turnaround time

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