At ATS we believe we are the highest quality turbine repair facility in the market because we always exceed our clients expectations and specifications while building relationships based on trust, past performance and satisfaction. Through our current organization of concurrent engineering we formulate unique solutions to our clients problems, specializing in repairing high-end assemblies and sub-assemblies and decreasing the costly repair cycle and downtime with the best value-solution. Our effective and proven guidelines for turbine repair and manufacturing ensure that our clients receive the most reliable parts and services.

The ATS goal is to always exceed the clients expectations. To that end, ATS has adopted a strategy of measured growth so that the clients served are always satisfied. We may not be the biggest, but we certainly want to be the best!

Refurbishment of OEM Capital parts for Gas Turbines, GE and Siemens/Westinghouse all frame sizes.

    • GE Frame 3, 5, 7, 7F.
    • Westinghouse 191, 251, 501D, D5A, FC, FD1, 2,3, G.

Turbine Rotating Components

    • Shrouded Blades & Buckets
    • Free Standing Blades & Buckets
    • Vane Segments

Turbine Stationary Components

    • Nozzle & Vane Segments
    • Shrouded Blocks, Tiles & Ring Segments
    • Diaphragm Seals
    • Static Seals

 Combustion Components

    • Standard & DLN Fuel Nozzles
    • Caps, Liners, Baskets & Flow Sleeves
    • Transition Pieces & Clamshells

    Compressor Components

      • Rotating Blades
      • Stationary Blades & Diaphragms


        • NDE
        • Crack Removal
        • Welding & Blending
        • Fixture Checking


      Special Field Services for Steam Turbines

        • Manpower Supply for Onsite Overhaul & Repair
        • Diaphragm Inspections & Restorations
        • Bucket/Blade Repair & Replacements
        • Valve & Seat Restoration

      Blade & Bucket Repair

            • Welding & Grinding of Z-Notch Contact Surfaces
            • Dimensional Restoration